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Fiber Glass Body Panel Fabrication
Opel GT Body Panel
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Making fiberglass body repairs
(for non-structural body sections )
For years fiber glass has been used for car bodies and body repairs.
This method can be used to fabricate many parts... given you have a mold
to start with.
Drill out the spot welds and cut out the rusted panel...
Cover rusted area with duct tape.
Try to clean off as much rust as
possible to make a smooth surface on
the back side.
Form aluminum foil to the back side
of the panel ... try to make as smooth
as possible.
Coat the aluminum foil with fiber glass
resin, then lay in the fiber glass matting...
Add resin until matting is fully saturated.
If the fiber glass matting buckles near the
edges, make a small cut in that area and
press flat.
Once the resin has hardened, pry the two pieces apart and peal away the
aluminum foil ... If the foil sticks it will come off during sanding.
Test fit your new fiber glass panel...
Trim were needed, and sand smooth.
Fill in minor defects with body filler,
then re-sand as needed.
My T-Shirt Design ~
I've made different variations of this
design, including one with my Yellow
GT and a Manta.
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